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The Importance of Choosing a Locally Owned Escape Room

It’s 2019, and the dust has settled after three years of escape rooms, also known as escape games, exploding onto the scene in Jacksonville. Whether you are looking for an escape game in the Town Center, Downtown, Southside, The Beaches, or even Orange Park you will not be short of options. While some may say all escape games are the same, the industry has divided itself into two main factions: Escape games that are corporate conglomerates that copy and paste their games and themes all over the country, and escape games that are unique, locally-owned businesses that often only have one location and one of a kind games.

While both models have their place, as an escape room owner myself, I prefer to play the smaller, more unique locally-owned escape games when I travel. In case you are not aware, the large corporate escape game franchises that operate in Jacksonville are The Escape Game, Escapology, Breakout, the Great Escape, Mastermind, and Mind Benders. All these stores run on the same model. They build and test their escape games in a central location and then replicate them and place them in their franchises all over the country. While this method generally worked for the first few years of escape game expansion in the United States, it has one major flaw that is starting to reveal itself with consumers:

Games that are replicated all over the country must be designed to be replicated all over the country. Meaning that corporate games generally consist of modular pieces that can be taken down at a moment’s notice and shipped to be set up all over the country. They are generally easier and simpler to build and come with plans that any contractor can use to replicate the games.

The best analogy to describe the main difference between the corporate stores’ easily replicated games and locally-owned games would be like saying the difference between a traveling fair/carnival and Disney World. While traveling fairs are fun and very popular when they come to town once a year, the attractions are made to be mobile and lack a certain amount of imagination and quality. These same rides are all over the country at any given time. Disney World on the other hand did not design their attractions to be mobile. They are large, permanent structures that were meticulously designed and constructed by a team of people who truly care about the quality of the product and not just its ability to be replicated. In fact, Disney would prefer its attractions not be replicated so that the consumer is forced to come to them from all over the world and use their resorts and restaurants while they are visiting. The numbers demonstrate which business model the consumer prefers. Traveling or seaside carnivals have become a relic these days, and the escape game industry is shifting in the same direction.

One Way Out, Jacksonville’s largest and only standalone escape room, falls into the unique, locally-owned category of escape games. We recognized early in our development that the escape game industry would demand greater value. Our escape games at One Way Out are designed from the ground up with the highest quality standards in mind. We use the industry’s best set designers, graphics designers, audio/visual experts, craftsmen, and special effects experts to build an attraction that is truly awe inspiring.

Another perk of going to a locally-owned escape room is that you know your experience is 100% unique. Our games are designed and built in-house and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. When you come to One Way Out, you know that the experience you get here will be different than any other experience you’ve had at other escape game venues.

We believe this philosophy of business makes our escape games some of the best in the country. Our customers agree with us as well. Not only is One Way Out Jacksonville’s largest escape room, it’s also the number one rated attraction in our category on TripAdvisor, ahead of all other escape games in the city.

If you would like more information about how to book one of our amazing escape games, simply click any of the information links on this website. You can also give us a call at 904-312-9984.

-Julie Owens

Owner, One Way Out Jacksonville

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