2-8 Players
60 Minutes
Escape Rate: 35%


Night has fallen, and the moon illuminates the forest floor by the time you arrive at the quiet cabin. No signs of life are present, save the consistent chirping of the crickets and the moderate breeze crackling the pine branches. Following the small trail carved through the forest floor, you approach from the side of the building near a makeshift porch with a tin roof. The clue you found about a secret rendezvous stirs in your mind, but if people were meeting here tonight, it doesn’t look like it, as the building is completely dark. Impatient, you begin walking onto the creaking boards of the old porch, looking for any indication of a clandestine meeting. Fearing that you’ve come too late, you determine to find a way into the building and demand an answer on the other side of the rundown door. This cabin is important, if only as the last place you can house your hope for finding Liz.

The Escape Room Jewel of Jacksonville, this attraction transports players to the creature-filled Florida forest at midnight in search of a missing friend. The most popular room at One Way Out Jacksonville, Rendezvous boasts Disney-quality set design and special effects that delight and inspire beginners and avid fans alike. With unmatched realism and unbelievable surprises, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the spectacular world created just for you.

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