ESC 201

2- 8 Players
60 Minutes
Escape Rate: 20%


Back in school, you’re enjoying the post-finals function when you see shadowy figures struggling to drag your best friend past the administration building. Running to the corner, she’s no where in sight. Second-guessing, you rush to your dorm room in hopes that Liz can be found there. As the door slams behind you and the lock clicks, you realize that this is not a prank. Liz’s future, and your own, will be decided tonight. With time against you, you begin searching for any clues that will lead to her location. Your hope fading with each passing minute, the quest to find Liz has begun.

ESC201 is the first chapter in the saga to Find Liz, your best friend and college roommate. This room is the best example of a “classic” escape room, where anything and everything are clues to solving the puzzles and completing your adventure. One Way Out Jacksonville’s original escape game, ESC201 will challenge your problem-solving skills and communication abilities as you begin the epic quest that continues through the remaining six rooms, with more to come.

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