4-8 Players
60 Minutes
Escape Rate: 5%


Arrested with blood on your hands, a broken lock on the door and a dying patient on the table, you’re thrown into the musty cells of the small town’s jail. This backwoods town has a reputation for big demonstrations of justice, empowering their warden to serve as judge, jury and executioner. A chill runs through your spine as the warden places a blindfold on you and binds your hands. What kind of place is this? Why are you being separated and how long before you are allowed to make a phone call? The cell doors slam shut and startle you, but even more frightening is the sound of a timer counting down across the room. What happens when it goes down to zero? There’s only sixty minutes to escape before things get really shocking.

Convicted is the ultimate escape room challenge created entirely by One Way Out Jacksonville’s founders. Designed to challenge even the most experienced players, this room requires unparalleled cooperation and communication. With the intent to isolate and confuse individuals, Convicted is specifically structured to necessitate teamwork and think in unusual ways. Can you sneak past the guards, avoid your fate, and survive?

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