2- 8 Players
60 Minutes
Escape Rate: 15%


Dawn is breaking, and the baby birds call loudly for their breakfast. Running from your own set of captors, you return to the accident scene where Liz’s cruiser had plowed through the brick wall of the abandoned garage. What doesn’t make sense is the red wagon even being here. The last you saw, Liz was being dragged away by unknown assailants. Maybe they took her keys and stole her car at the same time. But then, where did they go after the accident? Your only lead is to break into this building and find some clue to her location. If she is alive, you reason that you’re her best and, maybe, her only hope.

The fourth chapter in the Find Liz story, Collision provides an incredible array of escape room surprise and misdirection. One Way Out Jacksonville continues to push the boundaries of how an escape game can be designed, replacing standard locks and keys with intricate puzzles using unseen latches, hidden compartments and mysterious revelations. With true-to-life props and scenery, this room will envelope your mind and stretch your imagination as you reach a pivotal turning point in this unnerving plot.

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